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Four Marketing Questions You Must Ask First

Whether you are writing a brochure or a newsletter or a website, there are four key questions you need to ask to help you organize your marketing message. Some of these seem obvious, but my experience with a variety of … Continue reading

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Three Steps to Producing an External Company Newsletter Efficiently

Nothing focuses the mind like starvation, and that’s exactly what happened in a marcom department where I once worked. For a variety of reasons, the business was failing, and we were slowly starved of resources via layoffs. About halfway through … Continue reading

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Five Requirements: What Makes a Great Critic?

Great criticism cannot take place in a vacuum. A great critic needs great art to write about and a public excited about the art form and eager to read opinions about it. For example, New York was an international center … Continue reading

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Critical Observations on Critics

In this final post about reviews, I am going to talk about writers and criticism. I am still mulling over the NY Times article about buying positive reviews for $99 each, especially the comment in it by a writing coach that “nobody … Continue reading

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Writing Success: Experience Counts

I must admit that I get annoyed sometimes (well, maybe a lot) at the popular myth that some people are “natural” writers and can produce a blockbuster novel without effort or craft. Since I am interested in all kinds of … Continue reading

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Information High-Tech Marketing Copywriters Need about Customers

High-tech companies are often created in the proverbial garage and are controlled by engineers who have quite different mindsets than marketing professionals. Regardless of the engineering-marketing power struggles that may be going on in the management of particular companies, marketing … Continue reading


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