Sales Objections Can Help Copywriters

When I first started to write brochures, I was often at a loss for material to include. I tended to repeat datasheet information in language that was less dry, which was not very impressive. The information in the sales guide was a godsend for understanding the products I was writing about, where they were used, and why. The section on handling objections was especially helpful for the later parts of the brochure, after I had included most of the more important material.

Handling Objections Example

In the “Handling Objections” section, you will normally see a prospective customer objection and a suggested counter for the salesperson. You will also often see your competition’s sales tactics, which you need to answer subtly. Here are some examples:

 Handling Objections Example

Objection:  SecureFlush is too complex – it’s great for a large organization but not for mid-size or small businesses.
Counter:  SecureFlush allows you to customize the level of monitoring that takes place dynamically, so you can adjust the amount of monitoring and the level of system overhead it takes to meet your needs. You can install the software on your laptop and interface to a tablet or smartphone.

 Objection:  Your competitors say that SecureFlush is not investing any money into SecureFlush solutions.
Counter:  SecureFlush is committed to the SecureFlush family of products and has matched that commitment by hiring an additional 100 developers to ensure that SecureFlush Solutions continues to be the stellar product it is today.

Objection: SecureFlush has overlap in its products – why are you selling SecureFlush, SecureFlush Extended, and SecureFlush Systems?
Counter: SecureFlush is committed to both SecureFlush Extended and SecureFlush Systems – the strategic direction is to take the best components from both products to make one solution called SecureFlush v9.  All customers currently using SecureFlush Extended and SecureFlush Systems v8 will upgrade to this new version currently scheduled for Q3.

Handling Objections Discussion

The objections and counters in the sales guide point you to important things you should mention, even if you don’t emphasize them.  For example, the first objection concerns the size of the product, so it will be important to mention in marketing collateral that the product “scales” up to certain size, but is effective in all sizes of installations. Another benefit of “scaling” is that a customer can start with a smaller, less expensive version and then gradually “scale up” to a larger version. The ability to use laptops, tablets, and smartphone apps is also very important to show that your company is adding important new capabilities to make the product more convenient to use.

The second and third objections are typical of sales scare tactics, since no prospect wants to recommend a product to their boss and go through all the trouble of installing a product and training the staff to use it, only to find out that the product will soon be discontinued or at least not enhanced. It would also be a personal embarrassment and cause a prospect to possibly lose his or her job. Since the competition is talking up how little your company is spending to enhance the product, it is very important to answer this charge, even if just in passing. You will probably be told to avoid mentioning the specific number of new developers, but you can always discuss your company’s “commitment” to the product.


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I am a writer and have been for as long as I can remember. I worked as a technical writer and now a marketing writer for high-tech companies, but my interests go far beyond technology and include writing as an art and a craft, creativity, film, classical music, and the mystery genre (after all, Hamlet is a murder mystery).
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